Your Fetish Zone

Your Fetish Zone to The Erotic Fair in Brussels  is a place with different variations for all lovers of Spitting, Peeing, Nylon Feet, Fetish Clothing and other stuff...

If you’re just getting started, or want to slowly introduce BDSM into an existing relationship, both you and your partner should make a list of your soft and hard limits.

Dominance is one half of the D/S (dominance and submission) equation. I just let you know ... BDSM, which itself is an acronym for “bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism.” The dominant partner derives sexual pleasure from taking control as part of the consensual power exchange that is D/S play. The submissive partner allows their dominant partner to, well, dominate them (some of this stuff is rather self-explanatory).

Not all BDSM acts are physical. “Intense language as a use of force can be just as intense (or even more intense) as consensually degrading physical sensations, such as impact play,” Horn says. A common example of humiliation is name-calling and verbal abuse. One of the most common misconceptions about humiliation play is that it's anti-feminist. But the truth is, many feminists enjoy being called names such as “bitch,” “slut,” or “whore” in bed. Remember to discuss such activities beforehand and keep it consensual. That way, it’s feminist AF to engage in such play. In a patriarchal world where women have long been told sex is just to make babies, addressing what gets you off—especially if it’s non-traditional like humiliation—and then engaging it can be a powerful way to take control of your sexuality.

Come on and lest's have fun with us 1-2-3 march Brussels Kart Expo, 9 rue Alphonse Gosset - 1702 Grand Bigard